You’ve always wondered how to earn money with social media πŸ’° or maybe you are already an influencer and looking for some tips and tricks to earn money with your content? πŸ€‘ Then keep on reading and learn more about the exciting topic of Influencer Marketing 🀳, where it comes from, how it works, its legal aspects and how BestFans can help you! πŸ˜ƒΒ Β Β 

At the moment, there is no other marketing tool or strategy that appeals to so many potential customers like influencer marketing does. 🀩 Especially from a company’s point of view, it has never been easier to address potential customers at once.πŸ“’ If you look at conventional advertising, i.e. advertising that is designed for the masses such as TV πŸ“Ί or radio advertising πŸ“», you quickly realize that it can be quite ineffective. Often, advertising goes beyond the target group and addresses people who have no touchpoints or benefits from the products or services. 🀷🀷 With influencer marketing it is totally different, because the influencer has the same kind of people in his community with similar ideas and visions. πŸ‘― Someone who likes to travel will follow a travel blogger 🧳✈️ on Instagram and Co. and a fitness junkie πŸ‹οΈ who likes to do sports will do the same with a fitness blogger. A suitable niche including content creator can be found for every product or service. πŸ‘€

How do influencers do marketing via social media?

An influencer is someone who stands out from the crowd of social media users. Influencers are digital trendsetters and act as opinion leaders and multipliers because of their name recognition and brand awareness. πŸ€“πŸ’‘ They are interfaces between the company and the potential target group. With their postings πŸ“Έ, videos πŸŽ₯ or blog articles πŸ“, they can influence consumer’s purchasing decisions, because fans and followers see them as role models. But keep in mind: Only those who have gained the trust of their followers as an influencer by being transparent and authentic will have long-term and lasting success in this business. The influencer concept is not new; purchasing decisions have always been influenced by recommendations. Whereas in the past it have been friends orΒ  neighbors πŸ™‹πŸ™‹, today it is mostly customer opinions on rating portals or even influencers in social media channels that represents credible sources of information.Β 

To get to know the difference between content creators & influencers you can read our blog at BestFans blog! πŸ“šβœοΈ

Influencers are digital trendsetters. |

Influencers are digital trendsetters.| ©️ twenty20photos – But

But where and how to find the right influencer? πŸ€”πŸ” Trustworthy influencers have fully provided their contact details in social media channels, for example in their Instagram bio. πŸ‘Œ However, many influencers work with agencies nowadays 🀝 that specialize in the field of influencer marketing and are always on the lookout for young, talented influencers to match up with suitable companies. πŸ’• At the same time, these agencies also help the company plan and implement social media marketing strategies in the long term. πŸ“Š Influencers can also proactively contact agencies and apply so that they are included in their database and considered for suitable collaborations. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ If you want to upload honest and authentic content far away from constant performance pressure and just be yourself, then become a BestFans Creator! πŸ€³πŸ’• Benefit from your already collected fans and followers on other social media platforms and take them with you on your journey to BestFans. Here you profit from your followers and with 90% cancellation-free commissionΒ for each generated subscription! πŸ“Š

How do you make money with influencer marketing?

Once an influencer and a company have found each other and want to start a collaboration, it needs to be negotiated how the influencer will be paid. For this purpose, the influencer must promote the company itself, its services or products in order to increase brand awareness and lead consumers to the related online stores and websites. πŸ’πŸ’ If you don’t feel like collaborating with companies πŸ™…πŸ™… and want to promote your own content or earn some extra money alongside the collaborations πŸ’°, you can also be supported by your fans and followers as a BestFans Creator. With BestFans you decide on your own what and when you post, not a company or agency. Here you decide what you offer your community and set up the price for your creative work! We ensure a flawless process, have a German and English-speaking support team and of course punctual payment. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

The beauty of influencer marketing is that there is not only one way to make money but many different ones. πŸ™Œ While BestFans is the easiest way to earn money, there are also other payment models that we will present to you below:Β 

Influencers can be remunerated in a variety of ways.

Influencers can be compensated in a variety of ways.| ©️ ansiia –

#1 Affiliate Marketing:Β 

The word affiliate is a synonym for the word “partner”. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a partner program that the merchant makes available to its partners. πŸ€“πŸ’‘ The process is always the same: The influencer gets a personalized link 🌐 from the company and places it for example, in his bio (Instagram) or in his story with the swipe-up function. Attention 🚨: The swipe-up function can only be used from a follower count of 10,000. The link generated by the company can be easily tracked and quickly evaluated upon all important Key Performance Indicators. πŸ“Š How much the influencer receives per click, registration or sale in the individual remuneration models depends on other factors, such as the number of followers and the influencer’s negotiating skills:Β 

  • Pay-per-click (payment per click).Β 

This type of advertising is kind of like Google’s search engine advertising – payment is simply made per link click. However, this method is not really common within influencer marketing, because no purchase is made here, only a click on the website. πŸ’»πŸ‘ˆΒ 

  • Pay-per-sale (payment per sale).

This is the most popular and most common method used in influencer marketing 🀳. In this method, the customer buys something that the influencer has recommended to him via social media. πŸ›’πŸ’°

  • Pay-per-lead (payment per lead).

A lead is actually defined as a potential new customer. πŸ‘€ However, a lead can have multiple definitions, such as a newsletter sign-up, new customer registration, a download, or other customer contact.Β 

#2 Bookings for Events:Β 

Even though it sounds weird to get paid for events, yes there are influencers who do just that. They act as important promotional ambassadors πŸ’ƒ for a particular brand, teasing about the event in advance and letting the community participate. Post-event coverage can also take place.πŸ€³πŸ’ This type of influencer marketing is a bit harder to track, but can increase ticket sales from a particular event. Additionally, brand loyalty between the brand and the influencer can be strengthened in the long term. 🀝

#3 Per posting on social networks:

There is no exact price catalog you can use as a company, only some approximate guidelines. πŸ’° But what exactly do influencers earn? An influencer is a freelancer and does not have a fixed salary like, for example, an employee in a company. According to Statista, the following influencer groupings earn on average in Germany (figures were converted from dollars to euros):Β Β Β Β 

Influencer Follower Profit per post in €
Nano-Influencer 1.000 – 10.000 10 – 50Β 
Mikro-Influencer 10.000 – 50.000 25 – 220Β 
Mid-Tier-Influencer 50.000 – 500.000 165 – 1.900
Macro-Influencer 500.000 – 1.000.000Β  Β Β  1.250 – 8.700
Mega & Celebrity-InfluencerΒ  Β Β  ΓΌber 1.000.000 12.450 – ∞


All billing systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Products can also be a form of remuneration. πŸ₯ΎπŸ‘– A company needs to find out which best suits best for the product and the influencer marketing campaign. πŸ’― Most of these collaborations are freely negotiable and can comprise a single post or an entire campaign. There are no limits here!

Surreptitious advertising can lead to fines, warnings or damages.

Surreptitious advertising can lead to fines, warnings or damages. | ©️ rawf8 –

Which legal aspects have to be considered in influencer marketing?

Clear labeling of product placement is one of the most important things in social media nowadays! Famous influencers like Pamela Reif or even Cathy Hummels have already had to justify themselves in court for wrong postings and advertisements in the past. πŸ‘©βš–οΈπŸ‘¨βš–οΈ They were accused of surreptitious advertising at the time, as they did not tag products that were shown in their stories and posts on Instagram and Co. as advertisement. 😲 But when does a normal post becomes an ad? This happens when the influencer derives an economic benefit from the company he is doing the ad for, i.e. either the products that he advertises via influencer marketing 🀳 were provided free of charge by a company or the company pays the influencer. In the past, however, there have also been cases in which the court pronounced judgments πŸ‘©βš–οΈπŸ‘¨βš–οΈ even though no consideration was provided.🀯 This was especially true for micro-influencer accounts, where it was no longer possible to draw a clear line between a private and public account. πŸ€” A high number of followers can thus be an indication of commercial intentions. πŸ›’πŸ’° It was also not sufficient for some courts if the influencer had tagged or linked the store or company in the posting. It is therefore of great importance that the word “advertisement” is readable in the posting, video or story here. πŸ€“πŸ’‘ To ensure that a correct implementation takes place, legal advice should be sought from you if necessary to safeguard yourself in case of uncertainty. 🀝 The consequences of surreptitious advertising violations can lead to fines, warnings or even claims for damages. Β Β 

A solid contract πŸ“‘ should also always be the basis of any collaboration and thus secure both the company and the influencer. Here, the precise services can be specified, starting by how many posts the influencer will create, how long they stay online and the exact wording of the posts and stories and that the influencer labels the post as advertising. βœ… Fortunately, we have BestFans! πŸ’— As a creator at BestFans, you decide on your own when and how you upload your content.Β  When you have any questions, our support team will help you at any time. 🀩

Conclusion: Influencer marketing will continue to establish itself in the future and it is impossible to imagine the online marketing segment without it. Especially for influencers who want to earn money independently with their own content, BestFans is the most lucrative and reputable platform πŸ“Š.

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