You want to take a perfect selfie for social media in just a few steps? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you step by step all the important information about selfies what you need to take the perfect selfie and how to edit them. 🤩
Every day millions of selfies are taken with smartphones: whether a short vacation greeting or for your social media page. Everyone has been in the situation of taking a selfie of themselves. Kim Kardashian even published a book of her best selfies in 2015. 📚 Here you can admire her best snapshots of herself on 352 pages and of course learn from the selfie queen 👑 itself when it comes to the right pose. If you want to make money with your selfies like Kim Kardashian sign up for BestFans, upload your selfies exclusively and let your followers and fans support you. 💰💰💰
Before we start with our selfie tips let’s start from the beginning and clarify: what exactly is a selfie and what does it mean? According to the dictionary a selfie is a self-portrait taken with a digital camera 📸, smartphone 📱 or tablet that depicts one or more people. The word “selfie” first appeared in an Australian online forum in 2002 and was “Word of the Year” by the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013. If you’re in the mood for a selfie, read our tips carefully, clean your camera lens and go for it:

What is the best filter for your perfect selfie?

If you want to take beautiful pictures of yourself you fortunately no longer have to be a star photographer. 📸 Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are full of filters that can make you shine like a beauty. Even small blemishes can be easily concealed with filters. If you’re currently struggling with blemished skin use filters like “Rise,” “Valencia,” or “Sierra” which on Instagram ensures flawless skin thanks to its soft focus. 😍 But filters can also transmit a certain mood and emotion. Thus black and white filters 🖤🤍 arouse nostalgic emotions and feelings in the viewer or make your pictures appear rather more creepy, dark and sad. The Instagram filter X-Pro II creates a strong contrast on your photos, making them look very bright and colorful. 🌈 Go through all the filters and decide which one you want to take for your perfect selfie. Please note that you don’t have to use a filter for your perfect selfie because you are beautiful even without one! 💗

What is the best light for your selfie?

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Light can also convey a certain mood and is therefore particularly important for your perfect selfie. Therefore think in advance what message you want to transmit to your fans and followers with your picture. 🤔 You can decide between: natural light ☀️ and artificial light. 💡
Natural light is always the most beautiful. The light is especially soft and warm at sunrise or sunset. 🥰 But you can also use beautiful natural light in closed rooms. Just stand by the window and catch a few rays of sunlight. 🌞 If natural light is not available there are several other tricks you can use to take a nice selfie anyway. Gadgets such as the selfie ring or a light cell phone case can help you here. Both gadgets can be ordered for a small amount online, they provide a professional touch and give you the right colored light for different situations. So you can make a beautiful selfie at any time of the day and don’t have to rely on daylight. 📸💗 Our tip: No matter whether natural or artificial light, always point your face in the direction of the light source so you don’t mug your own shadow.

What is the best selfie camera?

You have selected the appropriate filter and also the lighting conditions play along, then you should now consider – of course only if you do not have a digital camera 📸 – whether you would rather use the front or back camera from your smartphone! 📱 Both cameras have their pros and cons for taking your perfect selfie for your social media profile. While the front camera is a bit more comfortable to use, it still has to deal with image noise, blurriness and fuzziness. The lower resolution is also a disadvantage here. Even the latest smartphone models have a lack of quality here. We know that it’s a bit tricky to take photos with the back camera but the result is totally worth it. A selfie stick can help you here as well; it is light, stable and can trigger the camera for you via Bluetooth. If you are not a fan of selfie sticks or don’t have one you can also trigger your picture by pressing the volume button. Almost all Android smartphones and all iPhones have this setting.😜 Our tip: deactivate the flash ⚡️. It is not a good idea if you want to take a nice selfie. Due to the short distance the light is way too bright and makes you look pale. 😵 No matter which camera you choose it is always important that you look directly into the camera lens. 👀

What is the best perspective for your perfect selfie?

“Head up and chest out” grandma would say but unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. 🤪 First you should find your “perfect side of your face”! According to researchers from Bamberg the left side of the face is the perfect side for a selfie. The reason for this is the emotional states of this face half which arouse sympathy 🤩 whereas the right side of the face conveys intelligence. 🤓 To find out whether this also applies to you experiment with different angles and sides of your face when photographing and decide for yourself what you like. 😊 Also pay attention to your posture and facial expressions. A natural light smile is always best. 💗💗💗
You want to look slimmer on your selfie? No problem at all just photograph yourself slightly from above at a 45 degree angle to your face. With this trick a few pounds and a double chin can be avoided. Now just stretch your arm far forward and press the button. 🥳

What is the optimal image composition?

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The magic formula for a beautiful selfie is the right image composition. In photography this is known as “the rule of thirds”. This involves dividing the image into two vertical and two horizontal lines so that nine tiles of equal size are created. Digital cameras and many smartphones offer this grid in their settings. Place yourself at the intersections or along the lines to get the perfect composition. Your face should take up two-thirds of the image and the background one-third. 🤳
You are ready for your selfie? STOP! 🛑 What about the background? No one wants to see an untidy room, an unmade bed or a mountain of laundry that you’re posing in front of. ☝️🚫 If you should shoot your selfie at home, it’s best to choose a calm background such as a plain wall. This is not distracting and the viewer focuses on you. To make the background a little more exciting sights are always a good background scenery.🗽🎡 Here it is twice as tricky to shoot the perfect selfie because you have to put both you and the sight in scene and make sure that you both harmonize together in the picture. To better get the sight on your selfie without wearing out your arm a selfie stick can give you the distance you need and capture you and the spectacular scenery. Our tip: good photographers always keep an eye on the horizon too. To make your selfie look uniform and harmonious, the horizon should always be straight! 😉

Pimp my Selfie – how to edit selfies perfectly?

Snap and your perfect selfie is done! Now it’s just a matter of post-processing. Small things that bother you can be adjusted afterwards. Simply download a free edit program to your smartphone. We recommend “Facetune2” or “Snapseed”. But be careful! We know how tempting these programs can be: a little less wrinkles and pimples or bigger breasts and butt and quickly conjure up a beautiful wasp waist. Therefore do not over-edit your selfie. We also advise: less is more! Too strongly pimped photos do not look perfect at all.

“No Go’s” for the perfect selfie

Everyone’s know the “Me-posing-in-the-elevator-before-the-mirror photos” and even though duckfaces 💋, victory signs ✌️ and mirror selfies 🤳 were trendy for a while they are outdated today. They often look very unnatural and not authentic. So stay away from drab and bland cliché photos! ☝️🚫
Also the trend of risky perfect selfies should not be imitated! Do not under any circumstances take a risk for a good selfie and pay attention to your surroundings! This is especially true on roads, train tracks, cliffs but also public places. Also note any prohibitions so places where you are not allowed to take pictures such as in a museum. 📵

What is important when uploading selfies to Instagram & Co.?

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Whether you post your perfect selfie on Facebook, Instagram or BestFans it definitely needs a suitable caption. On Instagram the choice of hashtags also plays an important role. Here a hashtag generator helps you find the right hashtags for your selfie. Also keep an eye 👁 on the time ⌚️ and research in advance at what time you should best post your selfie in the various social media channels so that it gets the attention it deserves. 🙌
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Conclusion: Practice, practice and even more practice! 🤳 Technically you now know how to shoot a perfect selfie for social media and what’s best to avoid. But as you know: rules are always there to be broken! So just be creative and feel comfortable with what you’re doing. We hope you have a lot of fun trying to shoot your perfect selfie. 💗

Conclusion: Exercise makes the master! 🤳 Technically, you now know how to take a perfect selfie for social media and what to avoid. But as you know, rules are always there to be broken! So just be creative and feel comfortable with what you’re doing. We wish you a lot of fun trying out and taking selfies. 💗

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