“As a creator, make money with your exclusive content!” The BestFans concept offers you an unprecedented, innovative platform as a subscription model that combines the benefits of well-known “Paid Content” providers 🥳 Exclusive content means you create added value for your followers! Your followers want to see what you’re doing and what you stand for as a creator. In our blog, you’ll also learn how to make money from BestFans by posting content with added value  and how to make a perfect start as a creator! You will love the innovative concept of BestFans!!!

With BestFans, all options are up to you: YOU decide which kind of content you want to show your fans exclusively 🤳Anyone who follows BestFans – for a monthly amount you set – can see your exclusive content and thus support your valuable work as a creator in the long term and directly! In addition, you also have the option to offer free follows and to optionally put content for sale. Thanks to the proven Freemium model, you can get potential supporters to follow you on a long-term fee!

bestfans distinguished other paid content platformsYou offer your special content exclusively via best fans and your fans reward your work! © deagreez – stock.adobe.com 

Now you know the biggest difference – to the well-known, at first glance similar social payment service providers – but not enough! 💪 BestFans offers you – in addition to an ad-free environment – numerous other USPs, of which you primarily profit and which will make your daily business as a content creator massively easier:

Optimized payment also for German subscribers!

  • 64% of German Internet users are demonstrably not able to purchase subscriptions from the major international providers. BestFans offers your subscribers the possibility to pay easily via current account! Don’t miss out on the German supporters who value your content MORE 🤑

90% cancellation free commission for content creation via BestFans!

  • BestFans offers you a fabulous 90% cancellation free commission – without any hidden payout fees! 🚀This makes BestFans the absolute leader in the market! Your supporters want to see you and your uniquely good content on BestFans and not us as a platform operator, so you deserve the biggest piece of the cake!

BestFans is “created in Germany” – with German-language support!

  • Even web-savvy content creators need help! The support is very close to our heart and since BestFans is a German platform, we also offer you German-language support 🙂 With us you have a personal contact person – for us a “must-have” for successful co-ops!

100% legal safe – also for Adult Content Creator!

  • You don’t have to offer – but you may – also at BestFans 😜 adult content! If you want to show your fans content – which is not for kids – you can also profit here at BestFans! Because: We strictly adhere to the German laws on the protection of minors and thus spare you as a creator warnings and annoying official procedures.

As you can see, with BestFans all possibilities are available to you😍 No matter what you do, whether you are a you tube you and you are a youtuber or an Insta creator, no matter what niche you serve, BestFans can help you monetize your content as much as possible! In addition to your other social media activities, best fans have a strong partner at your side: let’s create something great together 🚀

We look forward to seeing you and your BestFans page!

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