You’re a content creator and are already making some money with your reach on social media? You know and use common monetization models such as Sponsored Post(ing)s, maintain brand co-ops, diligently post coupons, affiliate links & Co. and use intelligent funnels to guide your fanbase through e.g. ad campaigns to offers that earn you small commissions? Not bad! 👍 You’re already on the road 🚀

Since these forms of “converting content to money” are unfortunately among the irregular, unpredictable sources of income 😥… We have really good news for you 🤩: from now on, your fanbase can also support you directly financially in the long term to reward the hard work you do as a content creator on a daily basis and thus secure an additional, fixed monthly income 💰💰💰 because with BestFans you have the opportunity to collect up to 90% cancellation-free commission for each subscription of your followers generated by you! So you can create even more worry-free new, creative content and inspire your followers 🥳

Create exclusive content and promote BestFans page

Use your Bestfans page as an individual platform to market your exclusive (Paid) content! 🔥With BestFans, you decide what you offer your community and at what price! Your chances of earning money with BestFans are unlimited and your monthly (additional) earnings are open upwards 🤑 What distinguishes BestFans from similar platforms and how to make the perfect start with BestFans, you can also find out here in the BestFans Creator Blog.

To be as successful as BestFans, you offer your fans an individual, unmistakable content experience that they will be happy to support financially on a monthly basis🧡

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Ideas on how to earn with exclusive content at BestFans

The most important “do” for you as creator ✍️ is to give your best fans immediate exclusivity 🤫 you follow you because they love and appreciate you, you offer them content in return for their contribution that they won’t find anywhere else from (and with) you! Gain their recognition and commitment, present personal InSights, satisfy their curiosity (on you) and spoil them with unique bonus content 😉 

Here are some inspirations for you 💡 that may help you creatively create ideas for exclusive content experiences – outside your public channels:

  • Take a look behind the scenes, show your “unvarnished” InSights
  • Show background info, the story about your career as a creator
  • Take your followers to “secret” events
  • Share your secrets and helpful lifehacks
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Solve myths about yourself
  • Satisfying selected fan wishes
  • Get an insight into your post-production
  • Reports of (funny) problems with shootings / records etc.
  • Tell something highly personal about you
  • Share your Learning of the Week
  • Start an exciting experiment!
  • Take your BestFans with you for shopping, holidays, etc.
  • Lose private items from you!
  • Show unpublished material / uncut scenes / outtakes
  • Interview friends / your team (about you)
  • Host Q&A Sessions or Surveys
  • Lose Meet & Greets or participate in your content production
  • Thank you personally to your fans
  • Let your fans decide how / where you are socially engaged
  • Let your fans restyle you!
  • Show Sneak Previews / Offer Early Access
  • Be creative!!!

Earn extra money with BestFans: Get 90% cancellation free commission!

💰With BestFans, you earn up to 90% cancellation free commission – for each subscription you generate! 💰The BestFans platform covers the running costs of operator fees such as hosting, support and other technical and organizational services with the remaining 10%. It is important to us that we interact as partners on an equal footing and yes, also earn money together 🤑We guarantee you flawless processes, a German support team, continuous technical expansion and of course a fair and punctual, monthly payout! 🤝

We love Content Creator 🤩 and look forward to seeing you and your content, sign up now!

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