You are a Content Creator, want to rock with us and make your perfect start as BestFans Creator? SUPER 🀩 We are thankful and of course we have here 10 valuable tips & tricks for you on how to make money with your exclusive content on BestFans! Because BestFans offers you 90% cancellation free commission for each subscription πŸ’° you may read here, how to achieve maximum success with us and your content! πŸ€‘

#1: Sign up for BestFans for free and become a creator!

You have a fanbase that you want to offer your exclusive content via the innovative subscription model of BestFans? Perfect πŸ‘ , then register directly on free of charge and without obligation as creator, click on the button “Join us now!” and you’re with us! 😍 After a few steps, your fans can support you and your work directly!Β 

#2: Rock the bureaucracy!

Before you can get off to a good start, we need a unique number of mandatory information from you. So we can guarantee you a smooth payout process and make sure you are also “you” πŸ˜‰ But don’t worry after you have entered all the necessary content and data such as your contact details, SEPA bank details etc. – and confirmed your identity by means of a daily ID shot – you can get started! 🀝 Of course, we treat your stated master data with the highest confidentiality and no one – except you and the BestFans team – can view it.

success as content creator 10-tips

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#3: Create your unique BestFans page

Your Best fans page will be your individual marketing platform for exclusive (Paid) content! Think about what will attract your followers the most, be inspired, trust in your experience and create a BestFans strategy πŸš€ that works for you! This strategy may also include bringing your fans in touchΒ with freebies 🎁, which you set exclusively but free of charge on BestFans! Because with BestFansyou have the choice, which content you set at what price or whether “public” (Free) or “not public” (Paid). πŸ˜‰ What distinguishes BestFans from similar platforms can be found here!Β 

#4: Set your subscription plans

Your followers will be ready to pay for exclusive content because they can be close to you and get something very special. With BestFans, you can set a price range of between 4.95 and 50 Euros per month for your paid subscriptions – which price is appropriate for which content, is up to YOU! πŸ’° With BestFans, your fans can of course also follow you for free and you decide for any kind of content that you set, whether individual content should only be available for a fee in the subscription. πŸ”‘

#5: Promote your BestFans page on your channels!

After you create your BestFans page and set your first postings, it’s up to you to make your followers aware of your special content πŸ”₯ How you do this, we’ll leave it to you, because you know your fanbase best and know which “Call to Actions” you can use to make you want “more”! For example, you can promote your BestFans content in the form of links on the social media channels you use/best frequented by setting short “teasers” in the form of video clips, live streams, images, announcements or surveys. Your BestFans page is visible to the public, your exclusive content is covered up with corresponding promotional prompts – so you don’t have to reveal everything and the interest of your fans is increased even further. After completing your chosen subscription model, this is exclusively available to interested fans (against payment). Your BestFans will be happy if you entertain them regularly with fresh content! πŸ•ΊπŸ§‘πŸ’ƒ

#6: Promote your BestFans page self-sufficient, e.g. via ad marketing

As far as you are well-known with ad marketing, you are of course free to market your BestFans page or certain exclusive postings in this way. Special promotions such as “only today at a bargain price xx” or also occasional or seasonally related content for Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. pp are particularly suitable for this purpose. With all your campaigns/marketing offensives, you are free to see which platform you use! We recommend platforms on which you are already known, whether you prefer Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok & Co. or your own blog! 🀩

#7: Promote your BestFans page about friendly creators

The principle of shoutouts πŸ“£ has proven to be a good way of social media promotion. If you are well connected, you can also take advantage of this for your BestFans promo and ask Content Creator from your circle of friends/network for help. Of course, it is part of the good tone to support each other πŸ˜‰
The best way to wo
rk with like-minded people whose followers have similar interests to your fanbase or creators who create content on the same or similar themes. Thus, the link to your BestFans content is marketed relevant to the topic and thus maximum promising. Of course, especially creative co-ops can also exchange content or record it together and share marketing and revenue!

#8: Create a sophisticated content plan

Consistency and communication are the key to successful content marketing. It is a good place to create and adhere to a publishing plan ✍️. Of course, you should also implement spontaneous ideas in your postings and react to current events. It’s up to you to give your best fans a sense of exclusivity 🀫 and give them the affiliation of their own community – around you. Of course, this also includes – as on your public channels – to respond regularly to comments and DMs. With BestFans, you have full control over your content – the BestFans platform helps you monetize your valuable work as a creator!

#9: Give your best fans unique content!

You know your audience best and know what your BestFans want to see (from and with you) 🧑 A proven method is, for example, surveys of what kind of content your fans want to see next. At first it is of course a lot of intuition and gut feeling but after some postings / actions you will know what works best (at what time for what price). BestFans will help you realize what the highest conversion promises. 

#10: Maximize your income with your exclusive content!

“Bidding for Support” as a casual comment in your videos or PayPal links in the Infobox, which are overlooked by cash-ready fans, are a thing of the past! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ™
BestFans offers you
the opportunity to market your exclusive content to willing fans who are willing to support you and your work as a creator directly. You can sit back, because whoever subscribes to BestFans pays you a fixed amount per month thanks to our fair subscription model. BestFans will be paid out each month on time for the previous month.Β 

Sign up at BestFans now and easily earn money with your content πŸ’° – we’re looking forward to seeing you and working together on your success story πŸš€!

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